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Global Supply Chain Management Simulation Essay - 918 Words

Summary of Global Supply Chain Management Simulation I enjoyed the Global Supply Chain Management Simulation (GSCM). It was exciting to be a Manager of the supply chain of a mobile phone manufacturer. I learned very quickly the pressures of running such a large operation. In this review, I will discuss lessons learned regarding conceptions shown in the simulation. I will explain how if completing the simulation again, what I would complete differently. In conclusion, I will talk about my key overall takeaways from this exercise. Year One In Year 1 while in the Design room, I chose the Wifi and Stylish options. My intuitive thoughts were consumer based and not supplier driven. However, these combined options offered an estimated favorable profit for the company. While forecasting I chose to forecast below average for Model A and above average for Model B. Again, my decision making was consumer driven and I as a consumer would prefer a stylish mobile device over a base model, therefore estimated demand at a higher level. In choosing suppliers in Year 1, key drivers were lead times, setup and unit carrying costs, and capacity. The decision were also based off of my forecast for each model. I learned quickly as each month passed, I was out of inventory therefore, making a costly $2.0MM adjustment with one of my suppliers. In this scenario, if running the simulation again I would better match the supplier with the forecasted demand. Year Two In Year 2, I was advised not toShow MoreRelatedUsing the VinLogic Simulation Model: Insights Gained and Lessons Learned727 Words   |  3 PagesInsights Gained and Lessons Learned Using The VinLogic Simulation Model Introduction Operations management is comprised of a series of concepts and frameworks that are best learned through the use of simulations and constraint-based modeling to show the effects of one decision on corporate performance. This is especially true in the areas of logistics, transportation and supply chain management optimization, The VinLogic Simulation Model has specifically been designed to take into account theRead MoreDifference Between Simulation and Optimization1541 Words   |  7 Pagesin the business environment is a major threat at each and every level of the supply chain. Every day new challenges and opportunities arise – rising cost of fue, implications of an organization’s carbon footprint, outsourcing regulations, tax incentives, and political fluctuation. Proactively monitoring the implications of such events at frequent intervals is crucial for an organization. By using a variety of Supply Chain modeling and mathematical tools, an organization is able to dev elop an understandingRead MoreGlobal Supply Chain Management And Its Application Within The Business Sector1438 Words   |  6 Pages â€Æ' Introduction/Forward This term paper focus on my experience and the knowledge gain during the fall 2016 semesters. The paper discusses the general topic on Global supply chain management and its application within the business sector. In addition, to the general topic discussed, I would also focus on the some of my experience doing the class and how those experience and knowledge gained can help me in the future. In my further reflection of the paperRead MoreCase Study : Japan s Supply Chain Of Nissan Essay1481 Words   |  6 Pagesnatural disasters was a major task Nissan faced in fiscal 2011 and came to be symbolic for its activities that year. Nissan is always seeking to strengthen its risk management systems in order to better prepare for natural disasters and other emergency situations. While maintaining close communication with its suppliers and each of its global bases, Nissan continue to work hard to minimize risk and keep going smoothl y as it goes (Shiga, 2012). Japan had severe earthquake and tsunami in 2011. There wereRead MoreQuestions on Operations Management1661 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿Chapter 1: Introduction to Operations Management Overview This chapter provides a definition of operations management. The role and importance of operations in an organization are described, along with operations decisions that are made. The differences between manufacturing and services are described. The history and current trends of operations management are discussed, including the impact of information systems. Finally, the interaction between operations and other business functionsRead MoreEssay Strategic Operations1447 Words   |  6 Pages  operations   strategy    Tailoring   operations   strategy    Investor/External   view   of    operations:       - Operations   Forensics    - Linking   to   Financials   (ROIC   tree)    Asset   strategy,   operational   hedging    and   risk   mgmt.    Sourcing   strategy:    Global   networks   and   offshoring    Strategic   sourcing   and   supplier    relations    Reading    Swiss   Watch   Industry    (Ch1 ,   p.   32)       Peapod   (Ch.   13,   p.   415)          Hand- ­Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬â€˜In    (Before   class)       Project   Progress    (After   class)Read MoreSupply Chain Management986 Words   |  4 Pagesthat are not faced by Dell? How should Ford deal with these challenges? 3. If you are Teri Takai, what would you recommend to senior executives? Tow what degree should Ford emulate Dell’s business model? Herman Miller: Innovation by Design? (Supply Chain Strategy) 1. What are the main elements of Herman Miller’s history, design philospophy, and corporate values? How have they influenced the company’s success? 2. What led Miller SQA to develop a new business model to serve its market? What isRead MoreBA 3103 Critical Analysis Paper Pier 11351 Words   |  6 PagesWe begin with the PEST analysis which helps us identify and understand global trends. Figure 1: PEST Analysis of Global Trends: 2010-2015 Political Increased global communication and relationships Economic Inflation increasing globally Increasing oil costs Increasing commodity pricing Social Social Media Decline in population Demographics/Mobility Technological E-commerce Mobile Applications/Shopping Figure 1 presents a global trend analysis for the period 2010-2015 in four areas: political, economicRead MoreIs The Best Decision For My Life?1027 Words   |  5 Pagesearned a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Kent State University, specializing in Fashion Merchandising. Through this program, I have acquired general knowledge related to the business of fashion including product sourcing simulation, fashion marketing, international marketing, global apparel economics, product development, merchandising planning and buying, fashion branding and fashion forecasting. With my current work experience at National Safety Apparel as a Pre-Production Apparel Marker Maker, IRead MoreThe Birth Of Intel : Computer Technology Industry Essay1552 Words   |  7 Pagesopening an assembly plant in Penang Malaysia. Intel’s internationalization process moved quickly in the following decades and these international locations promote its global growth to an even higher level.  Currentl y, Intel is located in over 60 countries worldwide including Singapore, China, India, and Indonesia, which are all big supply-chain giants in the world.   Throughout the rest of the 1970’s, Intel kept expanding on its microprocessors and chip line and hit the billion-dollar mark in the mid 1980’s

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Riwt 1 Free Essays

RIWT1 Crystal Jorgensen Task 1 03/19/2013 SID:000187304 Lets take a journey. A journey back to a time and a place that is unknown to us without the history and expression of Literature and Art. These moments are the expression of color, the fine detail, the heroics, and the stories that bring us to our current and most knowledgeable time in literature and the arts. We will write a custom essay sample on Riwt 1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now Neoclassicism and Romanticism are two very important time periods in the literary movements in English literature that helped shape our way of life today. Although these time periods are recognized as very opposite they share many similarities and we continue to learn and grow from them. Lets go back†¦ To a new era, widespread and influential for paintings and the other visual arts, a reaction against the sensuous and frivolously decorative Rococo style that dominated European art from the 1720s on. Beginning in the 1760s, Neoclassicism arose, reached its height in the 1780s and ‘90s during the French Revolution and lasted until about the 1850s. Neoclassicism was impacted by the exploration and excavation of the buried Roman cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii; the excavations of which began in 1738 and 1748, respectively. It was because of these â€Å"new† discoveries that people wanted to revive the past and took interest in the classical forms and ideas that started the neoclassical era. It was the combination of new and â€Å"classical† that made artist want to convey a serious moral such as justice, honor, and patriotism. Ideally, this style portrays an array of knowledge so vast that it leads to enlightenment. The Neoclassical style sees nature is defined as human nature and that society is more important than the individual. In summary, Neoclassicism focused on Greek and Roman history and was inspired by Classical Rome, patriotism, courage, and honor. The best-known painter of the time was J. L. David who painted â€Å"Napoleon Crossing the Saint Bernard,† just one of many amazing paintings in that time. The technique used in this era is a stressed drawing with lines, not color; no brush strokes. The tone set is calm and rational but at the same time play the role to provide inspiration and be morally uplifting. Neoclassical artist value order and solemnity and it can be seen throughout their paintings. Inspired by the classics, touched by a revolution, and enforced order we have the â€Å"new† classics. Neoclassicism. Now lets get into the hippie era of the 18th century†¦of free love, peace, and saving the trees. No not really. Romanticism was much more than that it depicted a much deeper heightened since of feeling and euphoria. If it made you feel good and happy you would focus on that and that’s all that mattered. But that is still not all; romanticism was a time for passion, any kind of passion whether it was good or bad. Inspired by the medieval, baroque eras, and the middle and Far East regions of the world. Romanticism started in the late 18th century and continued into the mid 19th century. The characteristics that follow the romantic era is one of a deepened appreciation of the beauty for nature; and exaltation of emotion over reason and intellect; a heightened sense of human personality, moods, and mental potentialities. The romantics were very occupied with the exceptional figures, such as the hero or genius and focused on their inner passions and struggles. A couple of the best known artist of the time were Eugene Delacroix and Theodore Gericault, the artists were viewed as a supreme individual creators, their creative spirit was more important than strict rules or traditional procedures; the emphasis on imagination was a gateway to experience spiritual truth. With national and ethnic origins there was an obsessive interest in folk culture and the medieval era, which triggered a special liking for the exotic, mysterious, weird, the remote, the monstrous, diseased, and the satanic. The role of the art was dramatic it was to carry the viewer away with its unrestrained, rich color, and visible brush strokes. Neoclassicism and Romanticism are in fact to very different eras. While to neoclassical era wanted to re-invent the classics, the romantic era wanted to expressive in every form not holding back restraint on the mere idea of being bound by the old classic rules. But this doesn’t stop them from having similarities either. They both were on a spiritual mission; the art itself wants to portray knowledge and enlightenment for neoclassicism and romanticism wants you to experience spiritual truth. Although these eras are on very opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the arts they both wanted to find a new spirit of the time, to change it for the better. Like J. L David’s painting â€Å"Napoleon Crossing the Saint Bernard† is very lifelike and perfect not being able to see the brush strokes but making the feeling of nobility, strength, and honor very present in his work. This particular piece is a perfect example of the time being right after the revolution. Eugene Delacroix’s painting â€Å"Liberty leading the people† This is such and amazing piece of art as well and although you can see more brush strokes it is also such a great example of the time. Delacroix is able to put so much detail and really paint the emotion of freedom and leadership. Both these painting depict a transformation, a want for change. The interesting thing is in those brush strokes, neoclassicism believed they needed to have that perfectionism it showed order, restraint, and rationalism; whereas, romanticism felt that the brush strokes needed to be seen so as to show emotion, passion, and life. Both of these eras were very influenced by different eras like with neoclassical they wanted so desperately to get out of the Rococo style; is was the Age of Enlightenment; and it was right after the revolution. Neoclassical was very impressed and inspired by the classical era and made something old, new again. Romanticism was influenced by neoclassicism it was inspired as a revolt against social and political norms of the Age of Enlightenment and was partly a reaction from the industrial revolution. Although, these eras seemed to influence each other in ways a teenager would want to try to change the rules at home. These eras very much influence our history, knowledge, learning, and inspiration today. Works Cited http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/508675/Romanticism http://www. buzzle. com/articles/romanticism-characteristics-of-romanticism. html http://www. buzzle. com/articles/difference-between-romanticism-and-neoclassicism. html http://lilt. ilstu. edu/jhreid/neoclassicism. htm http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Romanticism How to cite Riwt 1, Papers

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Data Mining & Visualization for Business-Free-Samples for Students

Questions: 1.Briefly summarise why Data Mining is used in Business. Share a recent article/news item relating to Data Mining in Business . 2.Briefly summarise the article, identifying the Business requirements for which data analysis is being used in this Case. Answers: 1.Data Mining in Business Data Mining is used in business The main usage of data mining in businesses is to search for new business patterns and establishing new business relationships for making better decisions in the business processes. It helps to develop smart marketing campaigns, identifying different trends with the loyalty prediction of customers (Shmueli Lichtendahl Jr, 2017). Data mining searches for information from the scratch that generally remains unnoticed and finds out patterns that helps to predict the business. Data mining can also generate new opportunities in business: Systematic figure of examples and application: Data mining modernises the route toward searching insightful information in a huge database. Request that needs extensive hands-on examination would now have the capacity to be precisely answered from the data. An ordinary instance of an insightful problem is centred around publicising. Data mining uses data on past constrained time sends to recognise the destinations well while in transit to help the level of productivity any further. Systematic disclosure of in advance darken designs: Data mining mechanical assemblies searches in the blocks and perceive officially hid plans. An instance of delineation disclosure is the examination of local bargains data to recognise apparently pointless things that are together often obtained. Data Mining for Analysis Purposes A group of mineralogists are working with various instruments to examine and study the relationship between minerals of the earth. Mining and Mineralogy are often considered as a single manner (Hooper, 2017). In any case, analysts at the Carnegie Institution for Science mining an option that is other than what is expected gigantic data, and it may fundamentally influence the search and inspection for minerals. There are no under 5200 particular known minerals (ordinarily happening substance blends not confined by specific sources), which have been found and ordered by many regions around the globe. This gives mineralogists an expansive number of data concentrates on working with, yet expelling criticalness from this data is much of the time troublesome. According to another paper of American Mineralogist, the gathering of researchers worked with the framework study to increment current information in the scattering and modification of chromium and copper stores after some period. This mindset may provoke the desire of latest exposure of mineral stocks. Framework speculation is a strategy for separating complex affiliations and collaborations between different things (Shmueli and Lichtendahl Jr, 2017). This system is every now and again in-use to determine the wide presence of infection, the architecture of the web and regular structures. The Carnegie aggregate worked along these lines for managing doles out each alluded to mineral like "centre point" and individual range with two crystals located at a place forms relationship among these centres. One of the main researchers Dr. Shaunna Morrison said "The mission for new mineral stores is persevering, yet starting at as of late metal disclosure has been more a matter of fortunes than coherent desire, All that may change with massive data." It can be also used for predicting the presence of minerals with this system. Framework speculation helps to study the historical geography of earth that reshaped after some period, and the way it affects by life forms. The makers depict the way the movement of minerals containing copper reshaped the atmosphere of the earth. It is assumed that equivalent examination can be associated with planets, for instance, the geographical researches clarifies the natural background of the planet Mars. 2.Security, Privacy and Ethics In Data mining, the protection and legitimate issues that may come about are the fundamental keys to the developing clashes. The courses in which data mining can be utilised is bringing up issues concerning security. Consistently the administration and corporate elements assemble large measures of data about clients, putting away it in information distribution centres (Ryoo, 2017). Some portion of the worry is that once information is gathered and stored in an information stock room, who will approach this data? Frequently a buyer may not know that data collected about him/her is not recently imparted to who gathered the data. With the advances that are accessible today, data mining can be utilised to remove information from the information stock rooms, finding unique data and connections about clients and making associations given this extraction, which may put customer's data and protection in danger (Tasioulas, 2017). Data mining requires information plans that can cover shopper's data, which may trade off classification and security. Ethical Implication in Data Mining The utilisation of data mining, particularly information about individuals, has positive moral ramifications. Organizations confront a moral quandary when notwithstanding choosing if the organisation should make a man mindful his/her data is being put away for future data mining. By giving a person the alternative to quitting information gathering, an organisation can hurt its upper hand in a commercial centre (Witten et al., 2016). A group must choose if an absence of moral concern will cause a misfortune in cooperative attitude from purchases and experience the ill effects of a reaction from the organisation's customers. Organizations who utilise data-mining procedures must act dependably by monitoring the moral issues that are encompassing their particular application; they should likewise consider the intelligence in what they are doing. For instance, data mining once in a while can be utilised to segregate individuals, in particular about racial, sexual and religious introductio ns. The utilisation of data mining along these lines is viewed as deceptive, as well as illicit. People should be shielded from any untrustworthy utilisation of their data, and before they settle on any choice to give their information they have to know how this data will be utilised, why is its use, what parts of the data will be taken, and what results this activity will have. By doing this, Individuals will be educated and enlightened direct concerning the reasons and outcomes of utilising their data. Security Implications Data mining is the way of arranging right and serious inquiries to remove data from a lot of information in the database. As we probably are aware, data mining methods can be helpful in recouping issues in database security. Notwithstanding, with the development of advancement, it has been a genuine worry that data mining procedures can cause safety issues (Larose, 2014). A lot of security specialists see data mining as a standout amongst an essential difficulties that buyers will experience in the following decade. The unmistakable multifaceted nature in data mining is developing precise models for information examination without giving the privilege to utilise the data in particular client records, which will secure the database from being utilised the wrong way. Growing such models can lessen the security issues that customers may confront. Security issues in data mining are a standout amongst the most well known concerns due to the way that when utilising data mining people are r egularly working with a substantial measure of data, and they can approach it effortlessly (Larose, 2014). This is hazardous if this information was not utilised as a part of a safe way. As data mining certifications to open up heaps of new fields for extricating data from both old databases and future databases that might be created with data mining as a help reason, the data mining session in some great organisations propose that there can be not kidding security issues in data mining. Information warehousing organisations must screen who approaches the information inside and what parts of the information stockroom they approach. A case of a body that enables confined access to their information stock room for data mining reasons for existing is Wal-Mart (Witten et al., 2016). Wal-Mart has a comprehensive database of all their inventory, stores, and gathered information. Organizations that have items conveyed by Wal-Mart are permitted into Wal-Mart's database. This enables these organisations to dig this information for data concerning the offer of their items. Implication in Business Sector Guaranteeing information honesty is a key factor to ensure that data mining instruments and examination are significant and exact. Information uprightness ensures that information is predictable all through the database (Freitas, 2013). There are a few business rules that keep up the precision and uprightness of information put away in the database. Space imperatives concentrate on what might be relegated to a trait. Upon the production of a database, each quality must contain space name, information sort, (for example, numeric, character, date, or number), estimate, and the adequate range or estimation of the information. Referential trustworthiness expresses that each remote key esteem must be indistinguishable to an essential key esteem. Assume that a database exists with a database table titled client. The client will be doled out a customer ID. The customer id will in a perfect world at that point turn into the essential key (Larose, 2014). Presently, assume the client puts in a request inside the organisation. The Order table ought to contain the trait client ID also which will be recognised as the outside key of the Order table. Utilizing referential uprightness will ensure that when the client ID is questioned, that one the client who exists with the predetermined ID appears and what particular request that specific client has put. Consolidating the area, substance, and referential trustworthiness tenets will reduce the access of database data and enable the clients to change and erase mistake and irregularities. Respectability controls are put inside a database to shield the database from unapproved updates and sources of info (Rokach Maimon, 2014). Attestations are made so particular decides that is standing inside a business are executed through the database, (for example, Sarbanes-Oxley commands). Trigger controls are made so that if an occasion happens, (for example, a late instalment) a particular activity will occur, (for example, a new fine added to a record). Approval rules are made to so that there are limitations on who might have the capacity to see the information, enter the date, change the date, and erase the information. Approval rules are utilised to shield the information from the shot of a representative to adjust information that their employment has no approved limit in doing as such (Shmu eli Lichtendahl Jr, 2017). It additionally secures a man's data, that is contained in a database not to be perused by unapproved representatives. It is fundamental that honesty controls and standards are put into databases so the information may keep up its helpfulness and security assurance. If trustworthiness requirements were not executed inside a database, any data that could be produced from the database would be pointless. This thus would be futile for any data mining methods and examination. References Freitas, A. A. (2013).Data mining and knowledge discovery with evolutionary algorithms. Springer Science Business Media. Hooper, J. (2017).Data mining: How digging through big data can turn up new | Retrieved 12 August 2017, from Larose, D. T. (2014).Discovering knowledge in data: an introduction to data mining. John Wiley Sons. Rokach, L., Maimon, O. (2014).Data mining with decision trees: theory and applications. World scientific. Ryoo, J. (2017).Big data security problems threaten consumers' privacy.The Conversation. Retrieved 12 August 2017, from Shmueli, G., Lichtendahl Jr, K. C. (2017).Data Mining for Business Analytics: Concepts, Techniques, and Applications in R. John Wiley Sons. Tasioulas, J. (2017).Big Data, Human Rights and the Ethics of Scientific Research Opinion ABC Religion Ethics (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Retrieved 12 August 2017, from Witten, I. H., Frank, E., Hall, M. A., Pal, C. J. (2016).Data Mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques. Morgan Kaufmann.

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The diabetic diet free essay sample

t.Essentuki THE DIABETIC DIET. Abstract on English by Kuranov Alina Olegovna # 8211 ; a pupil of Essentuki medical college group # 8470 ; 261. 2002 # 1075 ; . Diabetess. Diabetess Mellitus ( when the term diabetes is used entirely, it ever refers to diabetes mellitus ) is a status in which the organic structure is unable to utilize sugar decently. Sugar ( saccharide ) is the substance our organic structure uses as its major beginning of energy. Once this sugar is absorbed in the blood, it is referred to as blood sugar or blood glucose. Insulin ( a endocrine made in the pancreas that regulates the blood sugar ) is either losing or deficient. As a consequence, the organic structure can non utilize energy foods ( saccharides, fat, protein ) efficaciously and the cells of the organic structure starve . The sugar in the blood may lift to high degrees alternatively of being used for energy. Blood sugar is excreted through piss, which makes excess work for the kidneys doing frequent micturition and inordinate thirst. We will write a custom essay sample on The diabetic diet or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Treatment Diet, exercising and medicine are of import factors that must be coordinated for diabetes to be kept in control. Medication is non used to handle all instances of diabetes. Medicine when used can either be in the signifier of a pill ( unwritten hypoglycaemic agents ) or insulin, which must be injected. Diet, exercising and medicine all affect intervention but unless the diet program is followed carefully no method of intervention will be effectual. By eating the right nutrients in the right sums diet can really assist command the basic job of diabetes. Harmonizing to Control Your Diabetes Education Program for Life, a plan sponsored by the National Diabetes Education Program, people who take control of diabetes will, in the short tally, experience better, have more energy, and prevent the undermentioned marks and symptoms of high blood sugar: thirst, weariness, frequent micturition, weight loss, blurred vision, and slow healing of cuts and contusions. In the long tally, they decrease their opportunities of developing oculus disease, kidney disease, and nervus harm, and add old ages to their lives. THE DIABETIC DIET. Purpose: The diabetic diet is designed to accomplish and keep desirable organic structure weight and near normal blood glucose degrees, cut down hyperglycaemia, glycosuria, and associated symptoms of diabetes in order to minimise the complications often associated with this disease. Use: It is used for the individual with either insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. The calorie-controlled diet may be adapted for weight decrease and weight care. The Calorie degree prescribed for the diabetic is based on whether the individual needs to lose or derive weight or merely keep the present weight. The calorie degree specified is determined from the tallness, organic structure physique, ideal weight and physical activity degree. General Guidelines for the Diabetic Diet. 1. Avoid concentrated beginnings of saccharides ( sugars ) such as table sugar, honey, jelly, jam, molasses, sirup, maize sirup, confect, regular soft drinks, pies, rings, cookies, pastries, regular mastication gum, and sweet pickles. 2. Avoid sweetened fruits, juices and fruit drinks. Choose fruit, which is fresh, frozen or packed in H2O or its ain juice. Avoid fruits canned in heavy sirup. 3. Avoid sweetened carbonated sodium carbonates, juices and H2O. 4. Learn nutrients both high and low in sugar that are presented in the No Concentrated Sweet Food List 5. Three repasts at regular times should be consumed daily. Make non jump repasts. 6. A nutritionally equal repast program that limits the sum of concentrated fat, cholesterin and salt in the diet. Fat consumption should be 30 % or less of thermal consumption and less than 10 % of day-to-day caloric intake from saturated fat. Dietary cholesterin should be limited to 300 milligram or less daily. 2,400 milligram or less per twenty-four hours of Na is recommended. 7. Daily ingestion of 20-35 g of dietetic fibre from a broad assortment of nutrients is recommended. 8. Mild to chair weight loss ( 10-20 lbs. has been shown to better diabetes control, even if desirable organic structure weight is non achieved. ) 9. Read the label to find the sugar content of packaged nutrients. In add-on to saccharify, brown sugar and maize sirup, other names that are used on ingredient labels include: sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, maltose, lactose, sorbitol, mannitol, honey, maize sirup, maize sirup solids, high fructose maize sirup, molasses, maple sirup. 10. Monitoring of lipoids, blood force per unit area and organic structure weight is important. 11. Glycated haemoglobin ( HbA1C ) and day-to-day monitoring of blood glucose are standard tools to mensurate glucose control. # 183 ; For persons with Type 1 diabetes, self-monitoring 4 times daily or more is recommended to keep near-normal blood glucose degrees and addition control. Testing 4 times a twenty-four hours, before each repast, and at bedtime, facilitates accommodations to insulin, repasts, and exercising plan. # 183 ; For persons with Type 2 diabetes, self-monitoring 1-2 times daily or more is recommended to avoid hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia symptoms. # 183 ; Newly diagnosed persons should prove blood glucose 4 times a twenty-four hours, before each repast, and at bedtime, or more is recommended to keep near-normal blood glucose degrees and addition control. Testing facilitates accommodations to insulin, repasts, and exercising plan. # 183 ; After a stable form has been established in blood glucose degrees, persons should prove before breakfast, 3-7 times each hebdomad. Once or twice each month you should return to proving 4 times a twenty-four hours ( before each repast, and at bedtime ) to guarantee care of a stable form. No CONCENTRATED SWEETS, LOW FAT DIET. ( Low SUGAR-LOW FAT ) Purpose: The no concentrated Sweets, low fat diet is designed to restrict the entire sum of fat and sugar in the diet to cut down serum lipoid degrees and to accomplish and keep near normal blood glucose degrees. This diet is for people who find the exchange system excessively confusing or curtailing to follow. Use: It is used for the individual with either non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or for people who need or want to cut down on their sugar and fa Ts intake. The calorie-controlled diet may be adapted for weight decrease and weight care for persons that do non hold diabetes. It is besides used for individuals with elevated serum cholesterin degrees or those who are bad campaigners for bosom disease. General Guidelines. # 183 ; Limit total fat consumption to less than 30 % of entire day-to-day Calories. # 183 ; Reduce saturated fat consumption ( ruddy meat, cheese, whole milk, butter, ice pick, etc. ) # 183 ; Eat less transfat ( stick oleo, shortening, bars, pies, Gallic french friess, snack french friess. ) # 183 ; Eat less cholesterin ( bound egg yolks to more than 4 per hebdomad and meat, fish, domestic fowl to no more than 6 ounces a twenty-four hours ) # 183 ; Reduce sugar consumption. # 183 ; Eat more fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain staff of lifes, and cereals. # 183 ; Maintain a healthy weight. # 183 ; Exercise at least 30 proceedingss on most yearss ( alert walking, aerobic exercises, biking, etc. ) # 183 ; Experiment with formulas by bit by bit cut downing the sum of sugar by 1/4th so l/3rd so 1/2. # 183 ; Use the sweet spices # 8212 ; cinnamon cloves ginger or Myristica fragrans # 8212 ; to convey out sugariness in adust goods. # 183 ; Be careful when utilizing particular diet or dietary nutrients such as dietary bar, cookies, confect and ice pick. These nutrients contain some signifier of sweetening and, hence, Calories. No CONCENTRATED SWEET FOOD LIST. Purpose: The no concentrated Sweets diet is designed to accomplish and keep near normal blood glucose degrees, and cut down associated symptoms of diabetes in order to minimise the complications often associated with this disease. This diet is for people who find the exchange system excessively confusing or curtailing to follow. Use: It is used for the individual with either non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus or for people who need or want to cut down on their sugar consumption. It is non intended for the individual with diabetes taking insulin. The calorie-controlled diet may be adapted for weight decrease and weight care. # 183 ; Eat three repasts at regular times. Do non jump repasts. # 183 ; Limit total fat consumption to less than 30 % of entire day-to-day Calories. # 183 ; Reduce saturated fat consumption ( ruddy meat, cheese, whole milk, butter, ice pick, etc. ) # 183 ; Eat less transfat ( stick oleo, shortening, bars, pies, French french friess, snack french friess. ) # 183 ; Eat less cholesterin ( bound egg yolks to more than 4 per hebdomad and meat, fish, domestic fowl to no more than 6 ounces a twenty-four hours. ) # 183 ; Reduce salt consumption ( canned and dried soups, fast nutrient, frozen dinners, pizza, processed meats and cheese. ) # 183 ; Eat more fruits, veggies, beans, whole grain staff of lifes, and cereals. # 183 ; Maintain a healthy weight. Mild to chair weight loss ( 10-20 pound. has been shown to better diabetes control, even if desirable organic structure weight is non achieved. ) # 183 ; Recommend 20-35 grams/day of dietetic fibre from a broad assortment of nutrients. # 183 ; Be careful when utilizing particular diet or dietary nutrients such as dietary bar, cookies, confect and ice pick. These nutrients contain some signifier of sweetening and, hence, Calories. # 183 ; Monitor blood glucose, glycated haemoglobin, lipoids, blood force per unit area and organic structure weight. # 183 ; Exercise at least 30 proceedingss on most yearss ( alert walking, aerobic exercises, biking, etc ) . Regular exercising improves control of blood sugar and is an of import portion of any healthy life style. # 183 ; Experiment with formulas by bit by bit cut downing the sum of sugar by 1/4th so l/3rd so 1/2. # 183 ; Use the sweet spices # 8212 ; cinnamon cloves ginger or Myristica fragrans # 8212 ; to convey out sugariness in adust goods. # 183 ; Read the label to find the sugar content of packaged nutrients. In add-on to saccharify, brown sugar and maize sirup, other names that are used on ingredient labels include: sucrose, glucose, dextrose, fructose, maltose, modified nutrient amylum, natural sweetenings, lactose, sorbitol, Osmitrol, honey, maize sirup, maize sirup solids, high fructose maize sirup, molasses, maple sirup. ABOUT THE MAJOR NUTRIENTS IN THE DIABETIC DIET. Carbohydrates are made up of simple sugars, complex saccharides, and fiber. Simple saccharides are normally known as sugars, beginnings of simple saccharides include table sugar, confects and other Sweets, sodium carbonates and bakeshop goods. The sugar in these nutrients is in a signifier that is absorbed easy by the organic structure, as opposed to the slower-digesting complex saccharides. Complex saccharides include all the complex starches and fiber, such as those found in grains, cereals, staff of lifes and starchy veggies like murphies, maize, peas and beans. Milk, fruit and veggies besides contribute important sums of saccharide in the diet. 100 % of the saccharides eaten are broken down into glucose. Therefore saccharides elevate the blood sugar at a faster rate than either protein or flesh out so merely mensural sums should be consumed. Complex saccharides contain many indispensable foods and are the organic structure s most effectual beginning of energy. Proteinprovides aminic acids for your organic structure to construct, keep, and fix cells and musculus tissue, heal lesions, and back up the immune system. It is really easy to acquire protein in our diet, in fact, most Americans consume 2-3 times more protein than necessary. Excess protein does non make musculus, as many hope, but is stored as fat. Excess protein can set strive on the liver and kidneys. The best protein beginnings are milk, yoghurt, cheese, thin meat, domestic fowl, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Breads, cereals and veggies contribute little sums of protein in the diet. About 60 % of the protein eaten are broken down into glucose. Dieticians recommend about 45 to 50 gms of protein a twenty-four hours for most adult females and 50 to 60 gms a twenty-four hours for most work forces or 10 per centum to 20 per centum of day-to-day Calories. Children and babies, who are turning quickly, need more protein, as do pregnant adult females. Fat, like saccharides, are used by the organic structure for fuel and are indispensable for the soaking up of certain vitamins. Although some fat in the diet is necessary, excessively much fat can take to bosom disease, fleshiness and other wellness jobs. Fats should consist no more than 30 % of day-to-day Calories, or even lower. Fats in the diet may be of animate being or vegetable beginning. Examples of fat in the diet are gravy, bacon, oleo, butter, pick, salad dressings and nuts. Meats and some milk merchandises besides contain important sums of fat. About 10 % of the fat eaten is broken down into glucose. The balance is stored as fat for future usage

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World Literature Paper, Odyssey Essays

World Literature Paper, Odyssey Essays World Literature Paper, Odyssey Essay World Literature Paper, Odyssey Essay Essay Topic: Back in the World Stories The Odyssey The Effects of the Gods on Fate in Epics and Tragedies Michael Moloney In both tragedies and epic poems, the gods affect fate in various ways. The epic I will be investigating is The Odyssey. The tragedy I will investigate is Oedipus the King. The gods affect fate in differently throughout these two stories. Since both these stories were written by the ancient Greeks, they perfectly exemplify the Greek religious value that the gods controlled life. The gods control the events of the plot and push the characters towards their ultimate ends, both the heroic, and the tragic.In the Odyssey, the gods directly put in motion the major events of the plot. They directly interfere with the lives of Odysseus, his men, and the Cyclops. â€Å"The strong god glittering left her as he spoke, and new her lady, having given head to Zeus’s mandate, went to find Odysseus†¦Ã¢â‚¬  -Page 753 In this passage, Hermes was sent by Zeus to Calypso’s island to free Odysseus. This supports m y statement because if it wasn’t for the actions of Hermes and Zeus, Odysseus never would have left Calypso’s island, the entire story never would have been told, and Odysseus’s fate never would have been fulfilled. Now Zeus the Lord of Cloud roused in the North a storm against the ships†¦we saw death in that fury, dropped the yard†¦and pulled for the nearest lee. † -Page 757 Because of Zeus’s interference, they were disoriented and accidentally sailed to the Lotus Eaters’ Island. By doing this, Zeus set in motion the events that led to everything else in the story and Odysseus and his men had to pass through all their other trials and tribulations on the way back to Ithaca. â€Å"Now comes the weird  upon me, spoken of old.A wizard, grand and wondrous, lived here†¦ and these things he foretold for time to come:     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   my great eye lost, and at Odysseus’ hands. † -Page 769, Polyphemus I n this passage, Polyphemus, the Cyclops, reveals a prophecy involving him. When the gods blew Odysseus and his crew off-course, and they landed on the island, they fulfilled the Cyclops’s fate. In Oedipus the King, the gods influence fate more indirectly than directly. They mainly utilize the blind prophet Tieresias as a way to enact their will without being directly involved in Oedipus’s life. â€Å"What is to come will come, even if it is shrouded in darkness. -Page 20, Tieresias This quote illustrates the inevitability of fate. It doesn’t explicitly support my thesis, until you take into account that â€Å"what is to come† is Oedipus’s fate, which is being propelled by a prophecy of Apollo. â€Å"He will be revealed as brother and father of the children with whom he now lives, the son and husband of the woman who gave him birth, the murderer and marriage partner of his father. † Page 27, Tieresias In this quote, Tieresias reveals one of his prophecies. Since Oedipus is the person that this prophecy applies to, it leads to many major events in the plot.These include Oedipus discovering his fate, Jocasta killing herself, and Oedipus blinding himself. Without Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi, none of these events would have occurred. â€Å"Oh god, it has all come true! Light, let this be the last time I see you. I stand revealed born in shame, married in shame, an unnatural murderer. † -Page 69, Oedipus In this section Oedipus realized that the prophecy came true, and that due to the gods, he fulfilled the fate that he desperately tried to avoid. In The Odyssey and Oedipus the King, the gods affect fate in similar ways as well.This next portion of my paper will address several common links between the two stories. â€Å"Oh Father Zeus and gods in bliss forever, punish Odysseus’s men. So overweening, now they have killed my peaceful kine, my joy   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   at morning when I climbed the sky of stars,   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   and evening, when I bore westward from heaven. Restitution or penalty they shall pay- and pay in full- or I go down forever to light the dead men in the underworld. †¦Ã¢â‚¬  -Page 786, Helios When Odysseus’s crew killed and ate the Cattle of the Sun, Helios asked Zeus to punish them. Zeus killed them all with a lightning bolt, fulfillingTieresias’s prophecy. This links it to Oedipus because Oedipus was also a victim of a prophecy. â€Å"As for the murderer himself, I call down a curse on him, whether that unknown figure be one man, or one among many. † -Page 15, Oedipus â€Å"O hear me, lord, blue girdler of the islands†¦grant that Odysseus, raider of cities, never     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   see his home†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Page 770, Polyphemus These two stories link The Odyssey and Oedipus because in the first passage, Oedipus is calling down a curse on the murderer, asking the gods to punish him; and in the second passage Polyphemus is asking Poseidon, his father, to punish Odysseus.Now, because of all this evidence, it is clear that without the involvement of the gods, the fates of these two characters would never have come true, and many important events in the plot never would have happened. Whether direct or indirect, the gods are a major engine in moving the plot along. They operate through nature, and direct involvement, as well as prophecies and curses. The gods, no matter how they do it, affect fate throughout epics and tragedies.

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Dissertation paraphrasing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 8250 words

Dissertation paraphrasing - Essay Example It is a major concern to reduce the carbon emissions by utilizing the clean sources of energy. Most of the power generated in the Saudi Arabia is from the thermal power plants and there is a need to utilize sustainable resources such as wind and solar energy. Jeddah is situated near Mecca and plays a main role in consuming electricity. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a leading country in the middle east of the Arabian Peninsula. The Area covered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is almost twenty one and a half million square kilometres (2,150,000 sq km). Islamic laws are followed in the country and people lead their lives according to Holy Quran and Prophet’s Sunnah. The present monarch of the country is King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz who is also guardian of the two holy mosques. The capital city of the country is Riyadh, which is also the biggest city of the country. The total urban area of the city is one thousand five hundred and fifty four square kilometres (1554 sq km). 4.6 million People are residing in the city of Riyadh. The second biggest city of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with an urban area of seven hundred and forty eight square kilometres (748 sq km) is Jeddah. It located on the coastal line of Red Sea. Almost 3.4 million people are residing in the city of Jeddah. An approximated population of the Ki ngdom of Saudi Arabia is 28.7 million in which 5.6 million people are non-natives and rest are natives. The urban population of the country is almost 82% of the total population. The weather in the Arabian Peninsula is a bit harsh as compared to other places. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has coastal as well as desert regions. In the country’s southwest mountains are also present. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has both dry and humid weather. The major part of the desert is deserted and except some tribes, no one faces the extreme weather of the